It's Time for the Populator

Declarative initialization of kubernetes persistent storage

Adam Litke -
Principle Software Engineer - Red Hat
FOSDEM 2019 - 02 February 2019


  • The de-facto way to run containers at scale.
  • Declarative model using the Controller pattern
  • Extensible using Custom Resources and Controllers


  • A Kubernetes worker machine
  • Have the services necessary to run Pods (container runtime, kubelet and kube-proxy)
  • Managed by master components


  • One or more containers
  • Run together on a Node
  • Shared storage and networking

Storage Resources

  • Persistent Volume: a piece of provisioned storage with a type
  • Persistent Volume Claim: a request for a piece of storage

Why do we need PVC Initialization?

  • Clone your database
  • Big data processing
  • Restore from backup
  • Mutable persistent data (ie. VM disk)

Current options

  • `kubectl cp` into a running container
  • Run a special Pod first to prepare PVC
  • Use an initContainer in your application Pod

Initcontainer example

apiVersion: v1
kind: Pod
  name: fosdemo-pod
  - name: fosdemo-nginix
    image: nginx
  - name: init-content
    image: busybox
    command: ['sh', '-c',
              'wget -O /usr/share/nginx/html']

Is it good enough?

  • You will want more features
    • Error handling
    • Authorization and Security
    • Logging and monitoring
  • You need to manage it
    • Ordering
    • ReplicaSets and auto-scaling
    • Error handling

A Better Approach

  • Declarative, the kubernetes way
  • A Custom Resource describes a population strategy
  • PVC references Custom Resource
  • A Populator Controller manages the process
  • Can be used to collaborate on many populators


Declarative Population

If you request a populated PVC, kubernetes will not make that PVC available to Pods until it has been populated.

Taints and Tolerations

  • Reuse existing Kubernetes pattern
  • New PVCs with a DataSource defined receive a Taint
  • Signifies the PVC has not been populated yet
  • Regular Pods will not schedule while a PVC is tainted
  • Populator pods express a Toleration and may run
  • Populator Controller removes the Taint on success

Next Steps

  • Allow CRs in PVC DataSource field
  • PVC Taints and Tolerations
  • Populator SDK

Populator Examples

  • Git Repo
  • HTTP using k8s secrets for authentication
  • Clone existing PVC
  • Upload data from client
  • Restore from backup

Thank you!

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